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Organic Chemistry

КарГУ имени Е.А.Букетова
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About This Course

Organic chemistry is of great scientific and practical importance. Currently, there is a huge amount of organic compounds of synthetic and natural origin, without which the life of a modern person is not possible. Organic substances form the basis of the chemical industry. Fundamental knowledge in the field of organic chemistry is necessary for all chemists.

The course "Organic Chemistry" is intended for students of chemical specialties. The course covers topics such as hydrocarbons, their functional derivatives, heterocyclic compounds, biomolecules and spectroscopy of organic compounds. Addition, substitution and elimination reactions, radical reactions, as well as the synthesis and practical use of organic molecules are considered in detail. This course will help students gain a solid foundation of knowledge in the field of organic chemistry and will acquaint students with advanced studies of modern organic chemistry. The course will consist of video lectures, lecture material, tasks in the form of test questions to check progress of students.


To take this course students need knowledge in the field of Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical and Physical Chemistry.

Course Staff

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Yelena V. Minayeva is a Candidate of Chemical Sciences, an Associate Professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry and Polymers of the Buketov Karaganda State University. She is a graduate of the University of Warwick, UK. Yelena V. Minayeva is a twice winner of state scholarships for talented young scientists. She is an author of over one hundred scientific publications in the field of the synthesis of phosphorylated heterocyclic compounds, as well as educational and methodical works in the field of improving higher and postgraduate education. She is an author of the textbook and electronic textbook on Organic Chemistry in English. Since 2012 she has been teaching courses in chemical disciplines in English for students and undergraduates, namely, "Logic of Organic Synthesis", "Organic Synthesis", "Chemistry and Technology of Synthetic Medicines", "Modern Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry", "Organic Chemistry", "Chemistry of Functional Organic Compounds", "Chemistry English for Scientific Purposes", "English for Chemical Engineering". In 2016, she took advanced training courses on the “Learning and Teaching in Higher Education” program at the Newcastle University (United Kingdom). In 2018, she completed an online training course on “Introduction to Molecular Spectroscopy” based on the MOOC Coursera platform.

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