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About This Course

«Marketing» is course which designed for students on specialty “Finance”. This course provides a decision-oriented overview of marketing in modern organizations. Like other introductory survey courses, you will be exposed to and expected to learn the "language of marketing" (that is, terms, concepts, and frameworks) used by practicing marketing managers. However, it is also expected that by the end of the course you will have a solid understanding of the major decision areas under marketing responsibility, the basic inter-relationships of those decision areas, and an appreciation of how to apply key frameworks and tools for analyzing customers, competition, and marketing strengths and weaknesses. In combination, then, the course should help you to develop insight about creative selection of target markets and blending decisions related to product, price, promotion, and place (i.e., the marketing mix) to meet the needs of a target market.

The goal of course

Is to build a basic framework to enable students to evaluate, describe, and design marketing activities with practical insights into the real world.

About the author

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Kozhakhmetova Assel Kosherbaevna

Master of economical sciences, PhD student on specialty "Project Management” at al-Farabi Kazakh National University. She has taught the 1 course students to discipline of Marketing in English since 2016. Currently she works at “Management and Marketing” department as a teacher. e-mail: