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Furniture design

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The course «Furniture design» for designers is an important component in the theoretical and practical preparation for professional activity. This course shows research on the world experience of design as a value-semantic and socio-technological element in modern culture. The course is based on the results of the dissertation research of the author, as well as of a number of well-known foreign authors such as V.F.Runge, S.Lawson. This course provides the development of theoretical skills and their application in the field of industrial design, as well as its presentation in demonstration materials. The course is designed for students of higher educational institutions and colleges. Also, the course can be taken by anyone who is engaged in the design and furniture design.


The purpose and objective of this course is to teach future industrial design specialists knowledges of the theoretical foundations of the classic and modern history of furniture design, as well as the skills necessary for the effective organization of creative work. Modern design projects are not feasible without developing a cultural concept of a given society and region. The purpose of the course is to acquaint the student with the traditions in the design of industrial design objects and interiors. The specific tasks are performed that are directly related to the study of the course of history and theory of furniture design. The course program provides lectures and coursework.


Introductory module (week 1)

Introduction. Purpose and objectives of the course.

1-module (week 2-3)

A cultural history of the development of furniture design.

Modern methods of material design and manufacturing processes.

Innovations in modern furniture design.

2-module (week 4-5)

Ethno design is an important component of the design constant culture and consolidation of Kazakhstan society.

A cultural history of the development of furniture design.

Modern methods of material design and manufacturing processes.

Innovations in modern furniture design.

3-module (week 6-8)

Coursework: Furniture design project.

Introductory overview lesson, the content of the project and the order of implementation.

Sketches of the designed object.

4-module (week 9-12)

Which program to use for set of drawings of design equipment and 3D-visualization?

How to make a portfolio for project?


According to modern requirements for the level of achievement of learning outcomes and based on Dublin descriptors as a result of studying the course «Furniture design», students should:

to know:

- the basics of achievement in the field of furniture design;

- the history of the development of furniture design, its role in culture;

be able to:

- make a work plan in accordance with the issued assignment;

- study the recommended literature;

- correctly design and write an abstract;

- analyze and research scientific work.

to own:

- the basics of design solutions;

- stages of the creative process.


To study this course «Furniture design», students need theoretical knowledge and practical skills of calculations and solving problems of the following disciplines: «History of material culture», «History of arts I, II», «Drawing I, II», «Painting I, II», «Engineering graphics I, II, III», «Composition», «Construction of industrial design objects», «Elements and processes of industrial design I, II, III», «Professional computer programs I», «Typology of industrial design», «Modeling».

Post-requisites of the course: «Design of industrial design objects IV, V», «Pre-diploma design», «Typology of industrial design», «Detailed design», «Composition II».


Course Staff Image #1

Imanbayeva Zhanerke Askhatovna

PhD, associate professor of the IEC, Vice-dean for academic affairs of the Faculty of Design.


mob. 8 775 8275152


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How much will registration and access to course materials cost?

Registration and training in the course is absolutely free.

Will certificates be issued at the end of the course?

After the necessary mastering of the course program and successful passing of the final exam, you can get a certificate for a fee.