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Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management

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About This Course

«Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management» is a course designed for MBA students. Nowadays, as we know leadership requires effective management of people and a clear understanding of human behavior and social processes. Leaders need to have a good understanding both of themselves and of those whom they will lead. Leaders need to know why people behave as they do in relation to their job, work group, and organization. This knowledge of individuals’ perceptions, attitudes, and behavior enables leaders to choose appropriate leadership styles and managerial practices to increase organization effectiveness and positive human outcomes. The course moves progressively through individual, group, and organizational levels of behavior drawing on concepts and practices from the field of Organizational Behavior (OB). It also examines the interrelationship of behavioral phenomena among these levels. Studying OB provides a basic understanding of your own and others’ behavior, particularly in teams. It enhances your ability to communicate and work effectively with others, core skills of leadership. Our goal is to help you strengthen your people management skills so you can be a successful leader in any field you choose. Developing the behavioral skills you need to be a successful leader of yourself and others, including working in teams. Understanding the main ideas relating to organizational behavior and their impact on creating a high-performing organization.

The goal of course:

  • Describe and apply motivation theories to team and organizational scenarios in order achieve a team’s or an organization’s goals and objectives.
  • Explain the effect of personality, attitudes, perceptions and attributions on their own and other’s behaviors in team and organizational settings.
  • Explain types of teams and apply team development, team effectiveness, and group decision making models and techniques.
  • Analyze and apply leadership theories and better understand their own leadership style.
  • Analyze bases of power and influence tactics and their impact on achieving their own personal career goals and the organization’s objectives.
  • Identify and apply tactics for resolving conflict and handling interpersonal communication in work groups.
  • Describe how organizational cultures are formed and sustained, and the benefits and liabilities of strong organizational cultures and subcultures.
  • Describe the determinants and elements of organizational structure and its impact on an organization’s performance.
  • Explain and apply a variety of organizational change methods to improve employee, team and organization performance.

Course Staff

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Khudaibergenova Saltanat Saparbayevna

Khudaibergenova Saltanat Saparbayevna – PhD candidate on speciality “Innovative Management”, “Bolashak” scholar on “Education Management”, teacher at «Management and Marketing» department. She has been teaching the disciplines “Strategic Innovation Management”, “Company cost Management” in English since 2016. Currently she works at “Management and Marketing” department as a teacher.e-mail:

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